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Tasty Treats || Donut Walls

We all know Mrs. Kardashian-West first brought the dramatic floral backdrop wall to the world when she married Kanye. She may know how to turn heads, but what she didn’t do was bring the donut wall to the world! Yes, you heard right… the latest tasty trend is deliciously sweet donut walls, which bring more than one purpose to your big day.

These have been popping up all over our Insta feed and it’s easy to see why! Everyone loves a tasty dessert table, but why not add a bit more fun to it with a tasty edible backdrop. They are a super easy DIY project, or if you are pressed for time, there are so many suppliers who are now offering these treats in Australia.

Not quite sure on how to incorporate this mouthwatering trend into your wedding? Here are a few great ways on how add a donut wall to your wedding.

1. Dessert Table

This makes the perfect backdrop to an already amazing dessert table. Add some height with a tall board behind the table, or create a stand alone feature so guests at any height can enjoy (kiddies to grandparents).

Photo via Your So Pretty

2. Seating Arrangements

Another great way to add a bit of fun for your guests looking for their seats is to create a ‘Donut Wall Seating Plan’ where guests look for their names under the donuts (which they of course get to eat once they find their names!). You can either write each guests name with their table number under an individual donut, or you can create separate tables with all the guests name and donuts for them to enjoy.

Photographer: Troy Grover via The Knot

3. Statement Piece

So you may already have your dessert table designed and your seating plan done, but still want to bring this fun idea to life. Why not create its own feature to welcome guests when they walk into the reception with a personalised welcome note on the top. Or maybe place the wall next to your photobooth for guests to enjoy while they are waiting to get their photos taken. These tasty walls speak for themselves, so can really stand on their own if you don’t have a specific location for them.

Photographer: Alea Lovely via Polka Dot Bride

Now that our super sweet cravings are here, need we say more on how amazing these are! They look amazing, bring a fun element to your wedding and of course taste delicious!

Hero photo via A Stylish Soiree