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Floral Obsession || Go Green

We are now half way through 2017, which means wedding season (in Australia) is just around the corner. Social media has been flooded with green hues for some time now, but we’ve seen a drastic incline on how these lush leaves have been used recently.

Yes, we love our blush blooms more than any other, but we are currently obsessing over how stunning an elaborate masterpiece suspended above your guests made solely of green foliage, or a simple crown made with olive leaves or even a row of garland spread across your reception tables. There’s something about these elements that create a rustic yet elegant ambiance, which also don’t necessary need to break the bank, and are available all year round.

Below are our top picks on where we are seeing the best use of greenery.

1. Garland

There are so many fun ways to incorporate long lush pieces of greenery. Think a show stopping piece wrapped around a staircase, which is stunning for photos or hung from an arch for your ceremony. One of the most popular ways we are seeing garland used is as a gorgeous centerpiece running along the length of your reception table.

Photo via The Style Co

Photo via Brit Co

2. Suspended Centerpieces

For something a bit different, we are seeing more and more centerpieces suspended high above your reception tables. Although this can start to get pricey, a great way to keep cost relatively low is to use lush bunches of greenery instead of higher priced florals.

Photo via Style me Pretty

Photographer: Matt & Jess via Bespoke Bride

3. Crowns/Hairstyles

We love a great boho chic look, and these lush crowns are the perfect way to showcase your love for mother nature.

Photographer: Jess Petrie via Love My Dress

Photo via Brit Co

4. Bridal Bouquets

There’s something amazing about the look of an all green bouquet. Whether it’s for just the bride, or the whole wedding party, the simplicity of this definitely goes a long way.

Photo via Country Living

Photographer: Layers Photo

5. Chair Decor

When it comes to décor, tables aren’t the only thing we love styling. Highlighting the Bride & Grooms chairs add a special touch to set their table apart from the rest. Or, add a bit of love to the ceremony chairs closest to the aisle, which create a beautiful walk way for the Bride.

Photographer: Leo Patrone

Photographer: Erich McVey

6. Ceremony Arches

Ceremony arches come in so many shapes and sizes, which means adding a bit of colour is always fun. It can be something as simple as a pop of green hung over one side of the arch, or a full lush garland wrapped around the full arch and draped down both sides.

Photographer: Nichols Photographers

7. Boutonnieres

Now it can’t always be about the bride, we do need to give a bit of love to the other half celebrating their special day. Adding a natural colour to the grooms &/or groomsmen’s suit adds a fresh look that ties in the whole green theme. It can be as simple as a few leaves or a lush piece with a few added green florals.

Photo via Wed Book

8. Signage

Signage is one of our favourite ways to add a personal touch. Adding a pop of green to a welcome sign is a fun way to brighten up a sometimes dull wooden sign. Or add some greenery to an indoor sign to bring the natural elements of the great outdoors to your inside reception.

Photo via Mod Wedding

Photo via Brit Co

9. Centerpiece’s

Table decor is a super fun and simple way to add a bit of colour to your tables. Adding a hint of green with small mismatched jars, or a luscious over the top arrangement, the sky is the limit to add a fresh, natural touch to your wedding.  

Photo via A Little Tipsy

10. An Added Touch

Big ticket items like your bouquets, table arrangements and head pieces aren’t the only ways to add a pop of green to your wedding day. Even the smallest touch can make all the difference. From your cute flower girls pomander ball, to what is thrown after the ceremony, we could spend all the time in the world listing off amazing ways to incorporate greenery into your special day.

*Hero photo via The Style Co